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Tower Road Christian Preschool

Nurturing foundations of Christian faith and high quality learning

A marvelous mix of the love of God, the passion of Christian teachers and the curiosity of children in a delightful corner of God’s creation

General Information

Tower Road Christian Preschool is a Christian early childhood centre that provides services to children and families from 3 to 5 years old. Our goal is to be a leading provider of early childhood education in Matamata and beyond. We are committed to providing the best possible child care services to our valued clients.

Nurturing Foundations of Christian Faith

May 16, 2021
“What number is next”, Kaiako Rachel asked the children sitting on a mat in front of her. “TWO”, the children all called out eagerly together. Kaiko Rachel placed the number two following the wooden number one on the table in front of her and picked up the next number to repeat the process....
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Operating Hours

Tower Road Christian Preschool is an all day / sessional Christian early childhood centre open Monday to Friday from 8.00am to 4.00pm year round except for three weeks over the Christmas/New Year break.


Our centre is licensed for 30 places. Enrollment is open to children 3 years old and over.


Three, four and five year old children enrolled with us are eligible for 20 funded hours.

Morning and afternoon sessions on different days are covered by 20 funded hours.

Full week all day booking - Minimum of 6.5 hours per day and up to 8 hours per day. Flat rate of $100.00 per week

Full day booking - Minimum of 6.5 hours per day and up to 8 hours per day with minimum of 2 days per week booked. Flat rate of $20.00 per day.

Handover Flexibility

You choose your drop off and pick up times from within the following handover periods

Morning dropoff - Between 8.00 and and 8.45am

Midday dropoff/pickup - Between 11.45am and 12.15pm

Afternoon pickup - Between 3.15pm and 4.00pm

Please note: Provision can be made for children attending regular before or after school cultural, educational, sporting or similar activities. Please inquire.

Special offer

Book 5 morning or afternoon sessions of 4.25 hours each on different days, and you take full advantage of your 20 ECE funded hours, plus we give you an additional 1.25 hours free each week. Inquire at the preschool office.

TRCP Teachers Support Fund

Recently launched - Tower Road Christian Preschool teachers support fund. Your donations will be chanelled through the Kid on the Rock Foundation and will provide professional development, resources, scholarship to attract new teachers, up to date IT systems for the myriad of documentation required of teachers and much more. Set up your donation today.


Excursions are organised for the children and their parents,caregivers/families. These could include trips to a Zoo or Animal Farm, the Beach, Fire Station, Coach/Train trip. We also regularly have visits from people in the community, such as Doctors, Vets, Nurses, Firemen, and people from different cultures to speak about their home country.


Tower Road Christian Preschool is a registered charitible enterprise primarily funded by Government and accountable to it's stake holders. Accordingly it is happy to make available it's financial reports for your information.

Public Holidays (Preschool closed)

Christmas & New Year days 2021. Closing at 12 noon Wednesday 15th December 2021. Teacher only days 10th-11th January 2022.  Reopen 8.00am Wednesday January 12th 2022

Auckland Anniversary
Waitangi Day
Easter Friday & Monday
Queens Birthday
Labour Day

Christmas & New Year days 2022. Closing at 12 noon Wednesday 14th December 2022. Teacher only days 9th-10th January 2023.  Reopen 8.00am Wednesday January 11th 2023


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