Functioning at Alert Level 2 - Tower Road Christian Preschool

Tower Road Christian Preschool is opening for (almost) normal business

Yesterday the Prime Minister announced the move to Alert Level 2 will happen on Wednesday 14th May. We are pleased to advise that Tower Road Christian Preschool plans to open for business on Monday 18th May and we are looking forward to welcoming our Tamariki back.

To assist us with our planning we would appreciate your feedback regarding your child's return to preschool under Alert Level 2  Please fill in this simple one question survey and also let us know any concerns that you may have in the text box included with the survey.

In our previous blog we advised you that we have been busy preparing for level 2 to arrive and we also wanted to provide some reassurance that our service is as safe a place as we can make it for tamariki to be (and safe for our staff too).

The two key public health principles we have been advised about are one: to reduce the risk of someone getting infected in the first place and two, to ensure we can identify and contact anyone who becomes infected.

So keeping kids at home if they’re sick, and good hygiene such as hand washing are important, as is physical distancing where possible. A physical distance of 1 metre between adults/teachers will be our aim at TRCP. More detail on this social distancing will be made available to parents soon.

It’s important however that not just at our preschool, but at home also, safe hygiene habits are practised by everyone, as this is essential to minimise the risk that someone gets infected with Covid-19.

We also need to be collecting information about who’s on site so Public Health can contact people quickly if they need to.

Just to remind you also that COVID-19 is not an illness that impacts heavily on tamariki and young people.  An article by Dr Gary Payinda in the NZ Herald highlights this:

  • The young are less likely to get infected, less likely to get seriously ill, and less likely to spread the infection to others
  • When kids are affected, the illness is almost always mild. Luckily, unlike flu or many other infectious diseases, tamariki with Covid-19 are not super-spreaders
  • Covid's not measles or chickenpox, it doesn't hang in the air for hours waiting to infect passersby. It travels on invisible drops of spit. You don't have to cross the street to avoid anyone. Just avoid getting in their 'moist breath' zone
  • Making hand hygiene a habit is important

You will also be interested to know there have been no confirmed instances of a person with COVID-19 who did not go on to develop symptoms, and thereby being capable of spreading the virus. (In other words, there are no confirmed unknown carriers) For more information on how COVID-19 is spread go to the Ministry of Health website.

For more information about the public health measures at Alert Level 2, you can visit the Governments Covid-19 website

If you have any questions about our health and safety plan, or have a child who might be vulnerable to serious illness and would like to discuss a plan for them, please contact us.


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