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What does Matamata Mean to you

What does Matamata Mean to you

Teacher focus Term 3 – Mana whenua/Belonging

Belonging – Mana Whenua: Children and their families feel a sense of belonging.

Children and their families experience an environment where: connecting links with the family and the wider world are affirmed and extended; they know that they have a place; they feel comfortable with the routines, customs, and regular events; and they know the limits and boundaries of acceptable behaviour. Read more here                

Our area: Matamata – What does Matamata mean to you?

The teachers will be sharing about belonging and where we live. Matamata brings up different images to each of us, the connection we have to where we live gives us a deep sense of belonging and as we journey together along this path we will look at the past, the present and the future of Matamata.

Teachers will be engaging with families and whānau about Matamata and what it means to each of our families, whether you have been born in the Matamata area or arrived in the last few weeks. We are looking forward to also share the life changing history of Tarore. More information to be shared by teachers during the Term. Look out for our planning wall by the Kai table where we will share all the voices from our children, families and  whānau.

Checkout your childs amazing Portfolios

Make sure you check your child’s Portfolios regularly as the teachers have been adding lots of new Learning Stories. The children really enjoy reading these. If you take these home, please notify a teacher and return them promptly so the teachers can continue to update them.

Poutama Pounamu Survey

We will be sending out links for a survey that asks for comments from our staff and whānau about cultural responsiveness and relational pedagogy, this survey will only take a few minutes to complete and you can do it on any device online or feel free to pop into the office and we can let you do it on one of our devices here at preschool.

It is very important to leave honest comments on this survey as the data will help give a clear picture for areas of growth in cultural awareness.

The University of Waikato are carrying out the survey. Here is more information from them.

Cultural inclusiveness Survey 2019 – Please help us gather this data in before 14 August 2020

Kia ora tātou,

As part of their ongoing work, the leadership team in your Early Childhood setting is interested in understanding more about your perceptions of your child's / children's experiences. This survey is an opportunity for them to find out about your perceptions and views. The survey should only take about 10 minutes to complete. Your participation in this survey is voluntary and your responses are anonymous. The responses will be collated and used to inform planning and decision making about next steps with regard to professional development.

If you have any queries or concerns about the survey please talk to the leadership team.

Thank you for your participation, Paul Woller

The University of Waikato - Poutama Pounamu 

Please click/tap here to take the survey

Did you know?

Mothers of children living in homes with more children’s books reported fewer concerns about emotional and hyperactivity difficulties at 24 months.*

*ReferenceTukutuku Kōrero Education Gazette 17 February 2020

Early Learning – Reading Together Evenings – September 2020

Early Reading Together Te Panui Ngatahi - presented by Michele Lee and Jo Goodwin teachers from Matamata Christian School

This research-based programme has been changing lives since being successfully implemented in 1982. The program is free and we are happy to help with babysitting costs. Please click/tap the link below to book. Early Reading Together will be held on Tuesday evenings at 7PM. Each session will run for approximately 1 ¼ hours.

Check out the sessions and make a booking

Drop off and pickup - Friday hours

Please let us know if you will be late to drop off or pick up your child, or if your child is going to be absent. You can txt, ring or email the  Preschool to let us know. You will then not be charged for their absence.

Please remember to:

¨ bring a few changes of spare clothes for when clothes get wet.

¨ Bring named gumboots from home.

¨ Put your child’s named lunchbox and drink bottle on the lunch shelf, and food that needs to be kept cool in the small black fridge.

FRIDAY HOURS - 8.30am to 2.30pm

Please remember - drop off  your children from 8.30am and pick them up no later than 2.30pm.

Please note that late pick-up may be charged.

Thank you

Yummy Sticker Promotion

We would really appreciate families collecting the stickers and the cut-out labels on the plastic bags of Yummy fruit. Collection sheets are available from the Preschool office. If we get enough we can order free sports gear for preschool.

The deadline for the collection of these is the end of Term 3.

Toys from home

Please leave your children’s toys at home. We have lots of toys and activities they can enjoy here at Preschool. We find toys from home may be damaged or lost, and can also an create conflict between the children, thank you.

Door Lock

The entrance door may be locked at times– please ring the bell and the teachers will let you in, Thanks!

Handy people wanted

Handy people wanted

Can you help us?

Do you have some free time available or know someone who does?  We often have little jobs at the preschool which are not big enough to get a handy man in. We need friends and family to help us mend toys, sew, fix puzzle boxes etc. Little things which can help beloved resources or toys get a second life! We also need help with small jobs around the preschool, fixing a curtain rail or painting a wooden box etc.  We would love for parents, grandparents, family and friends to help us out.      We would also consider having a Working Bee later in the year to give our playground and garden area a bit of a fresh new look – if you think you might be able to be part of a Working Bee on a Saturday or Sunday – please let us know.

Please contact Karlien or Louise at the Office to add your name and contact details to the list of helpers. 07-8886379 or email: office@tower.preschool.nz

Fundraising towards our Playground upgrade

Our fundraising for the new playground upgrade is   going very well with some very generous donations coming in!  Currently you can order Wetbags and Sunhats to help towards this project. A small portion of this cost of these items goes towards fundraising. Visit our website for more on Fundraising and donating towards this project.Donations are made via ‘The Kid on the Rock Foundation’ which is a Charitable Trust.

Named Sunhats $20.00

Named Sunhats  $20.00
Wetbags $10.00

Wetbags  $10.00


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