3rd of May is a new day with a new way

A special message from the Preschool Board

The 3rd of May is a new day with a new way for Tower Road Christian Preschool.

Thankyou to all of our families who have decided to "give it a go" with the new booking system. Your positive responses have been much appreciated.

All indicaters are that our new system is coming together nicely, and even though it has not suited a few families, most have found a way within the system to accomodate their needs.

Our teachers are fully onboard and looking forward to trying the new rostering system.

The economic indicators are looking good so far, and tracking with our predictions of generating  a small profit as the new system gains traction and we start to grow into our "new shoes".

Visit our website to see how it all fits together, and find out about our new special offer of an additional 1.25 hours every week


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