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Community consultation regarding policies and procedures

Your voice is important to us. We love to receive your feedback as it helps us to improve our service, so we have provided a simple and convenient feedback form.

Fundraising for our playground upgrade

So far we have raised over $14,000 towards the $75,000.00 for our playground, and we and need your help. Please click here to donate

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None presently

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Interested in continuing Christian education for your child?

With its strong connectedness with Matamata Christian School, the Preschool is developing pathways of learning that will ensure that children, for whichever school they may transition to, are ready and well prepared when the time comes.


Do you have a heart for Christian Education? Do you want to see children drawn towards God? Do you want to support a place where Christian prayer, faith and values can be openly taught and practiced?

We are looking for people of faith with a love for the Lord, a vision for Christian education and a willingness to serve on any one of the four Boards associated with our educational group. Is God prompting you? For more information and to make an inquiry click here. (Note this link opens an information page on the Matamata Christian School website)


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