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General Information


Tower Road Christian Preschool is an all day / sessional centre open year round. The centre is closed for three weeks over the Christmas/New Year break. .

Morning sessions are 8.00am -- 12.00am
Afternoon sessions are 12.30pm -- 4.00pm
All Day sessions are 8.00am -- 4.00pm
Friday 6 hour session 8.30am -- 2.30pm

Enrolment is open to all children who are aged from 2 years 10 Months to school entry.

We offer the Ministry of Education 20 hours ECE free. This is available to all children aged 3 - 5yrs.
Any time over 20 hours will be charged at $5.00 per hour.

Excursions are organized for the children and the parents,caregivers/families.
These could include trips to a Zoo or Animal Farm, the Beach, Fire Station, Coach/Train trip.
We also regularly have visits from people in the community, such as Doctors, Vets, Nurses, Firemen, and people from different cultures to speak about their home country.

Public Holidays (When the school will be closed):
Christmas & New Year days (Closed for three week period)
Auckland Anniversary
Waitangi Day
Easter Friday
Easter Monday
Queens Birthday
Labour Day

What makes our Programme Special

Our values based programme prepares children for life with it's emphasis on kindness, thoughtfulness, fairness, forgiveness and respect.

Our structured planned play programme combines learning and fun through mat times, group times, and child initiated play.

Quality is provided through our qualified registered teachers and our lower teacher child ratio.

Flexibility is a feature of our programme whereby older and younger children in a family can attend together and families may choose anything from two to five sessions desired.

Our Philosophy


We recognise the value of family, whanau, and the wider community in the nurturing of the child's holistic development and facilitate their participation.

We acknowledge the individuality and dignity of each child (Psalm 139:13,14) by upholding equitable opportunities for children irrespective of gender, ability, ethnicity or background.

God's Word is the basis of life and practice, and is consistently reflected in the behaviour, conduct and actions of all people placed in positions of responsibility.

Holistic Development:
We nurture and develop the whole child through a structured programme and play opportunities to engage confidently with learning and life.

Christian Values:
Children learn -- patience, kindness, caring, helpfulness, courage, joyfulness, sharing, love, gentleness and goodness,(Galatians 5:22) through the bible, play interactions and prayer.

Treaty of Waitangi:
We will seek to encourage respect for and appreciation of Maori culture and values and their place as Tangata Whenua through the principles of partnership in Te tiriti o Waitangi - specifically in relation to our local communities cultural heritage and history.

We are committed to ensuring that our children grow up as confident and competent learners and communicators, healthy in mind, body and spirit, secure in their sense of belonging and in the knowledge that they make a valued contribution to society


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