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Community consultation regarding policies and procedures

Your voice is important to us. We love to receive your feedback as it helps us to improve our service. Please provide your feedback before Sunday 1st August 2021

Policies are written so that everyone can be aware of the outcomes that the Board is trying to achieve in all aspects of Tower Road Christian Preschool. They must be clearly written and reflect current good practice leading towards the safe, efficient, viable and sustainable operation of the Preschool.

Procedures are written so that staff know how they are expected to carry out their work to achieve the outcomes required by the policies. They must be clear, concise and applicable.

The policies with their attached procedures below are in the current review cycle. Please take the time to read them (Download as PDF documents) and give us your feedback on the feedback form adjacent.

Policies and procedures under review

You can send feedback as many times as you like, even on the same policy or procedure.

Feedback Form

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